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The edge of any reason or belief is limited by the ability of the mind to think. To think beyond is what stretches the limits and makes one go beyond the edge. It is not difficult to reach the edge – just do what the others have done and you shall achieve only what the others have achieved. But to go beyond the edge, to start where it all stops, adds some meaning and purpose to the journey….the journey forward.

It is to celebrate this journey that TECHNO INDIA presents edge 07, the Annual Technical-fest. Edge invites all who enjoy technology in all its forms. We shall provide a unique platform where students can participate, learn and enjoy Robotics and other tech-events. This technical festival is the largest of its kind in Kolkata, and hopes to expand in years to come, and make more and more minds think...think beyond.

Announcements Pre-event MEGA WORKSHOP on ROBOTICS & EVENTS @ EDGE 07 on 24.02.07 at 3pm at Techno India.
The last date for registration is the 5th of March, 2007.
Over 1 lac cash prizes to be won.
The rules for the Robotics events have been updated.
Register for the events in the corresponding event section.
Accommodation for outstation participants.

Think Beyond... Jacques E.Brandenberger was once seated at a restaurant when a customer spilt wine onto the tablecloth. As the waiter replaced the cloth, Brandenberger decided that he would invent a clear flexible film that could be applied to cloth, making it waterproof. By 1908, he developed the first machine for the manufacture of transparent sheets of regenerated cellulose which ultimately led to the invention of cellophane.

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